Is a sports massage worth it?

 Ever been told that a sports massage is beneficial for those that train? Or been told that it can increase your joint mobility and reduce the risk of injury? 

Is this true? Does it have proven benefits? Or should we just foam roll? 

Now let's take foam rolling.... Yes it has proven benefits but it only delivers benefits to our PNS (peripheral nervous system) which is responsible for touch, pressure and pain. So foam rolling will have benefits in this area however to get the most benefit we need to be tapping in to the CNS system (central nervous system) which are our nerves that make up the brain and spinal cord.

Regular Massage can increase our pain threshold and have a significant impact on overall wellbeing. Below are proven benefits to sports massage:

-Decreased perception of pain which can allow us to train harder, tolerate more and recover quicker.

-Decrease symptoms of depression

-Decrease Anxiety and Stress Relief

-Removal of toxins

-Increased movement and circulation 

Sports Massage can also help you understand your body better in order to get the most out of your training.

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