Lower Back Pain and SIJ (sacroiliac joint) Dysfunction


Now some of you may think I'm talking nonsense and some of you may of had this feeling before. SIJ is a ligament that joins our pelvis together and can withstand some force but it can become "locked". Those with SIJ can often pin point the pain to generally one side of the back of the pelvis (usually around our pelvic "dimples") and will describe a tight band feeling around the lower backStretching, strengthening and massage can help release it. The only problem with "self adjustment" and "self manipulation" is that the issue will most likely come back if the underlying issue is not addressed. So it's important to work out why it's getting "locked" or "misaligned" in the first place. 

Working on strengthening the weak muscles around your pelvis will help to reduce the likelihood that your SIJ will hurt. These mercies include the flutes, hip flexor so, Quadratus Lumborum (QL), abdominal strain and several others. Due to the complex nature of the pelvis and muscles surrounding its important to talk to someone in order to figure out which pesky muscle is causing the issue and needs strengthening. If one is weak it causes a twisting of the pelvis, so cracking your hips everyday won't strengthening the weak muscles and won't alone correct the issue. 

People with excessive anterior tilt(arched low back) usually have SIJ issues and if this is the case then a Glute bridge should be your go to exercise to keep you pain free and training hard.

It's important to remember that out body "hugs and injury" and it's just trying to help but sometimes it's the master of covering up underlying issues. Don't let niggles stop you but make sure you talk to a coach before it's too late and let us help you help your body. 

Melissa Porter

BsC Hons Exercise Science (Health & Rehab)

Personal Trainer