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A sneak peek in a 1-2-1 ChalkFit session

The “snatch” is one of the most complex of the Olympic Lifting movements. Having a 1-2-1 session can really help focus on YOUR weaknesses. Taking time away from a class or training alone and working with a PT can enable you to progress quicker and make sure you are safe in your movements. 

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Part 2: Nutrition in a Busy Life

In the last blog, I highlighted some practical strategies to help you optimise your nutrition when life is hectic. Over the next few blogs I want to dive a little more into some of the science behind each meal of the day, and highlight some things you can think about as you make food choices through the day. 

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New to our ChalkFit Personal Training team: Richard Turner

I am happy to introduce Rich (Dickie) to our team. Rich brings a wealth of expertise to our box. Popularity of ChalkFit Personal Training continues to grow and we are accepting new clients again.

We are experienced, creative, inquisitive and experts in our fields. Our workout space is unique. It is not a cosy place to train. There are no televisions, no machines, no comfortable spots to sit - and there are no mirrors. It is a space to sweat. For everyone.

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Part 1: I would eat better, but …

Here are some practical strategies, backed by science, that you can implement even in a busy life to improve your nutrition. It might not make it ‘perfect’, but all movement in the right direction is progress and will help support long term health and performance. You work hard in the gym, don’t lose it at the table!!

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Drink Up!!

Water in your body is like the oil in a car. It helps everything work properly – from helping carry things in the blood, to lubricating joints, removing waste, being the environment for your body’s chemical reactions … the list goes on! 

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Understanding Squats

In CrossFit we use the front squat, back squat and overhead squat time and time again, there are other variations but in this blog I will talk about these three squats, their differences and how the demands of each will influence your athletic performance in different ways.

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