Like to run faster?

“I’m a runner, why would I want to lift weights?!”

Quite simply strength training should be an essential part of any runners fitness plan if you want faster race times and a body which is less prone to injury.  Strength training helps to build muscle; more muscle equals more strength and stronger muscles will produce less resistance to fatigue, giving us those faster times.

These statements are backed up with lots of research; Kenji Doma, Ph.D., a sports and exercise scientist at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, stated that what is even better about having stronger muscles is that ‘your muscles don't need to expend as much energy to hit a certain pace, your brain alters its neural recruitment pattern calling up the most fatigue-resistant muscle fibres so you exert less energy.” Who would turn that down?! The brain is a clever thing!

But running isn’t just about having strong legs you need a strong upper body to help with an efficient arm drive, an active and strong core so that all the muscles around your spine can support your centre of mass and help your legs grow stronger.

Proper implementation is important however and just picking up weights and adding any old rep scheme standing in the gym on your own in the corner won’t provide the sought after benefits. Here at Chalkfit training you can build strength and conditioning through our varied and masterfully programmed PT sessions with our specialised coaches. We can not only help you build muscle but also target specifics such as flexibility, balance and mobility which are all important attributes to get the best out of running.


We are so confident in our programming and expert trainers here at Chalkfit training that if you sign up for classes at least twice a week with once a week personal training sessions and your times don’t increase we will refund you your money back (over a 3 month period).

Oh, and did I mention you will look fantastic in your new body too - check out Ryan’s photo’s who has implemented strength & conditioning training which not only increased raced times but was able to add much more variety to his training as well as looking, well, just a bit fitter!!!