Facts about Personal Training

Why should you hire a Personal Trainer?

Here some reasons why you could benefit from spending time with a personal trainer:

  • Faster and better results. A personal trainer will focus on just YOU, will built a program around you and will push you at the level that suits you

  • Most people have multiple goals when working out, the most common being fat loss and muscle gain. It’s often hard to find the right balance between these two, and a personal trainer can help you find the right exercises to achieve all of your goals.

  • A personal trainer will built a personal relationship with you. This means a personal train will help you overcome your weaknesses, your resistance to come to a workout and your general struggles with losing weight and working out

  • Less injuries. A Personal trainer will make sure the exercises are all suitable for your level. He or she will spend time on your technique and will coach you through the exercises.

Coach Rich - coaching a Back Squat

Coach Rich - coaching a Back Squat

At ChalkFit training you can share a personal trainer with a friend and split the cost which makes the sessions affordable for everyone.

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