Why have a Personal Trainer

Should you have a Personal Trainer?

There are many difference reasons why people use personal trainers. Here are some reasons why:


Our personal trainers will help you set goals and stimulate you to achieve the goals. We will help you through all the hurdles on the way.


Our personal trainers do not take excuses for bailing out. We will be in close contact with you all the time and pull you through when you prefer to stay on the couch one day.



Our personal trainers spend hours in writing the best program for you. We will explain you why we do what we do to make it easier for you to progress and understand what you are doing.


Confidence is a big reason why many members prefer to start with personal training. We will give you time to help you get all the movements right, we will focus on your mobility and we will make sure that in a few weeks time working out at the gym will become second nature.

Avoid injury

Because our programs are tailor made and we have a 1-2-1 focus on our members we can make sure injuries are avoided. We take time to learn proper technique and work at your tempo.

Sports specific training

Some of our members train to achieve certain goals. They might train for a 5k run or a triathlon. Our personal trainers will develop a program that suits every goal.

Training with medical conditions

If you are recovering from an injury or have chronicle conditions such as diabetes we can direct you to our recovery specialists who can help you train safely.


Our bodies change as we age. Perhaps the exercises you used to do no longer work with your body, or maybe you’ve stopped seeing results. A trainer can help you adjust or adapt your program as you age, which will allow you to maintain functionality and strength.


Our personal trainers will work you hard and fous on achieving your goals but we always make sure all the sessions are FUN!

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Iskandar Vanblarcum