A personal trainer who understands....

Our coaches are real people

We like to introduce you to one of our personal trainers: Sarah Laws.

Sarah has not always been a coach. She also is a qualified account and is used to sitting behind a desk all day long. She has had a period where she used to be over-weight because of bad food choices and lack of training.


Now Sarah is a coach and a top athlete who is currently training for the CF Regionals. Sarah has transformed her body from being overweight to a lean athletic body by training hard and changing her food habits.

This is what makes Sarah a brilliant Personal Trainer.

Not only ‘has she been there’ she takes no excuses to not achieve goals. What ever sports background or level her clients come from, she is able to transform them and help them achieve their goals.

If you have struggled to achieve your goals, make sure you book in a FREE assessment with Sarah and start today to work on the new you!

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