New to our ChalkFit Personal Training team: Richard Turner

I am happy to introduce Rich (Dickie) to our team. Rich brings a wealth of expertise to our box. Popularity of ChalkFit Personal Training continues to grow and we are accepting new clients again.

We are experienced, creative, inquisitive and experts in our fields. Our workout space is unique. It is not a cosy place to train. There are no televisions, no machines, no comfortable spots to sit - and there are no mirrors. It is a space to sweat. For everyone.
— Coach Mel

Richard (Rich/Dickie) studied Sports Science and Coaching at Bedford University before travelling to the USA, where he worked as a camp leader with young teenagers. When back in Kent, Richard worked for a health and well being company before leaving to play hockey in Newcastle and Sydney.

Whilst on his travels Rich began training in crossfit, leading him to qualify as a crossfit level 1 trainer before his return to the UK. On his return from Australia he started his own personal training business, he run a business for 2 and a half years before joining the better body group where he worked there for nearly 3 years. Within this time, Richard has completed many different courses and workshops including movement assessment, calisthenics and strength and conditioning all of which are beneficial in helping clients reach their goals.

Hockey is a huge part of Richards life, as well as playing in Newcastle and Sydney, he also played for the men’s 1st team at a national level with Sevenoaks hockey club. He is currently player coach at his home club of Maidstone.

Richard has followed many different training programmes himself of which include Crossfit, bodybuilding, calisthenics (bodyweight training) and most frequently olympic weight lifting. He believes thats every client is different and by having a large variety of exercises and training styles allows him to create sessions or programmes helping them achieve their individual goals.