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5 Personal Trainings Sessions

The #1 resolution year after year is to lose weight and get in shape, so January 1 brings the “Resolution Rush.” People flock to their local gym. The treadmills have a long wait, classes are packed, and the weight racks are always taken.

Why not prevent the inevitable holiday weight gain and start your New Yearʼs fitness resolution early? Avoid the Resolution Rush and try something new at ChalkFit Training. 

While youʼre at it, share the gift of fitness with your friends and loved ones, too! .Our Personal Trainings Black Friday Deal can be bought now!

5 Personal Trainings sessions £150 (standard price £225)

This offer can be bought between November 21st-26th and we only have limited spaces.

So treat yourself now to a great deal or buy your friend an early Xmas present!