The Rehabilitation Specialist

Can you guess who’s knee this is

This knee X-Ray happens to belong to our very own Coach Mel from 2 years ago. Notice anything strange about where the Patella (knee cap) is sitting.... well if you can’t spot it... it’s sitting far too high for normal function. 

Coach Mel was diagnosed with Patella alta 2 years ago which means the knee cap sits higher than it should and is prince to dislocation and locking. In Mel’s case due to high activity from such a long age and developing over developed Quads (thigh muscles to most of us) and is pulling the knee cap up and sideways which makes the knee highly unstable and swollen. So what did Coach Mel do...

When I went to see the consultant and he told me about my knee and he said about surgery to fix the patella and also clear out the debris in my knee I was shocked, I though I’m a rehab specialist, there most be a way to self manage, and if I can avoid surgery I will, I was told to go away and think about it and avoid things that aggravate it, one of the main ones RUNNING!!- which although I still do some I’m no where near where I was!
Having thought about the pros and cons of surgery I decided I’d rehab myself... and 3 years on I’m as strong if not stronger than ever. Besides running, that’s taken a back seat but sometimes somethings got to give. I worked tirelessly to strengthen my hamstrings and muscles around the knee and even though they are still a bit painful if I over do it I’ve avoided going under the knife and I will try keep doing this for as long as possible

Coach Mel has vast amounts of knowledge in rehabilitation which she wants to filter down to the members for both prehab and rehab. Giving you ways to work around injuries and niggles, from taping, straps massage and physical therapy so make sure you book an appointment to use her knowledge. 

Iskandar Vanblarcum